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THE MAKING One might think that by now she had plenty of words, but for matters of the heart you need your own words, other people’s won’t do. And hers, it seemed, were irretrievably lost. If they weren’t to be found, she needed to make some. She would be The Woman Who Created the Words of Love.


Rope of Words: Making the art

Since 2012, Lin Kerr has been sharing her process for creating the Rope of Words book, in her artistic journal, right from the start, through all the shifts and changes that such projects go through - including the cul-de-sacs, difficulties, and unexpected changes of direction. This is always a scary thing for a creative person to do: behind the scenes is much messier and more complicated than the final polished piece! Below are some of the highlights of her process. You can read all the Rope of Words journal entries on her Limetrees Studio journal.

Rope of Words: Making the words

Megan Kerr wrote Rope of Words over a period of five years, most of which it spent in the drawer, in various stages of disrepair. She finished it in 2012, when it won the British Fantasy Society Short Story Competition.

To match Lin's honesty and generosity about her process, Megan is writing a series of blog posts about her own writing process in the story, and the valuable illuminations that came from sailing straight into the rocks at every turn. (Of course the benefit of doing this in hindsight means the blog posts don't run across five years.) For updates on new posts, subscribe to the mailing list on the left.