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WITH THANKS The golden valley only opened once a year and when it shut, only the tiniest chink remained. She had to leave to travel the maze, but she was afraid of losing him, so she knitted a rope of words – all their favourites, linked together...


Rope of Words is a fine printed book created by Lin Kerr and written by Megan Kerr, a mother-and-daughter collaboration. To buy the book or the artwork, visit the shop.

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Limetrees Studio
Lin Kerr Design

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Megan Kerr
The Writers' Greenhouse

The first edition was made possible by a bequest from Christine Vlietstra, mother (aka Mom) to Lin Kerr and grandmother (aka Granny Mom) to Megan Kerr, making this a project across three generations of women. We are so grateful to her generosity and to the example of life and art she set for us. Christine Vlietstra's paintings have been distributed between her six children and seventeen grandchildren; a small selection of her work is shown below.

Painting by Christine Vlietstra

Painting by Christine Vlietstra,

Painting by Christine Vlietstra